Has accident, injury or stress compromised your sense of health and well-being?

I feel a profound appreciation for BCST’s unique capacity to support people who are experiencing the wide array of symptoms that can accompany shock and trauma. The body’s response to these challenges, great and small, can lead to autonomic dysregulation of the nervous system that is associated with common disorders. Whether it is from deeply-rooted experiences of the past, resulting in chronic disorders or PTSD, or acute trauma from more recent emotional upset, physical accident or injury, BCST can help you re-establish a connection to the resourcing functions of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. It can prove an invaluable tool in recovering from many conditions, and can be part of a treatment plan for autoimmune and stress related illnesses, chronic pain and other conditions caused by physical and emotional distress.

  • Relief for Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, ear aches, vertigo, dizziness, seizure

  • Treat concussion, head injury, migraine and tension headaches

  • Restore Central Nervous System function and Improve overall physiological function

  • Strengthen immune system function which can impact auto-immune disorders

  • Reduce pain related to physical injury and degenerative conditions such as head, neck, back and joint pain

  • Assist healing from acute or chronic trauma (PTSD), be it a recent event or injury, or trauma from long ago

  • Promote deep physiological rest, relaxation and emotional resilience

  • Foster well-being, self-regulation, self-repair and equanimity

  • Support for major life transitions, personal growth and transformation


Appointments available in Seattle on Wednesdays and Fridays
Appointments available in Kirkland on Thursdays and Saturdays
On-site appointments available on request