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About BCST


Do you long to experience the innate joy and health that awaits you in your body?

In the skilled and compassionate care of a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST), move from the effects of trauma and daily stress into a more vital and joyful connection with your inherent health and well-being.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, holistic healing treatment, focused on supporting the health of the whole being, through therapeutic engagement with the nervous system.

In our modern world, we are increasingly distanced from our somatic experience, from interaction with nature, and the essential awareness that we are not separate from it, and sometimes from one another. Just as a human being is not simply separate components, but one fluid, coherently functioning whole, we, as individuals are not separate from the rest of the natural world. A holistic outlook allows us to experience our body’s wholeness, as well as our integral connectedness to all life.

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When we drop into deeper states of being, we feel a gentle and vital life force that animates the body. This life force, which exhibits an innate intelligence, guides and informs the growth, development and health of all living systems.

From it, a subtle tide-like ordering and organizing principle is generated within the nervous system. The whole body can be felt to inhale and exhale in resonance with it. Just as our life force expresses itself in the reliable, automatic and easily detectable rhythm of our respiratory system in the breath, as well as our cardiovascular system in the beating of our heart, so too, it expresses a palpable rhythm in our nervous system.  It is felt in the fluid motion of the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the central nervous system in an ebb and flow, up and down the midline of the body, as well as subtle and slower energetic rhythms underlying that fluid rhythm.

Our life force carries with it a living, breathing blueprint for health that is expressed through our tissues, fluids and energetic field. It is a blueprint not only for our physiological health, but the happiness and full expression of our person.

In states of stillness, we find that there is beneficent field of energy that supports all life. When we depart from our direct connection with that field of energy, discord can arise in our physical body, as well as our psychological and emotional state. The daily stress and strain of living in a fast paced world, injury or trauma, can distract us from an awareness of this ever-present underlying support. The stress and strain can begin to feel like the field.

This connection can be reestablished with the deep, sustained, supportive contact and presence offered in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. What can follow is the reintegration of the person within the larger field that supports all life.

When we are able to be in resonance with something deeper than our own pain and suffering, healing can arise.