Is the stress of a fast-paced, modern lifestyle taking a toll on your health, vitality and sense of peace? 

We can help with BCST.

At the physiological level, BCST engages in a relationship with the nervous system.

The nervous system directs or impacts all aspects of our physiology. It orchestrates activity between our digestive, reproductive, respiratory, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems. These systems regulate our appetite, hormonal function, emotional state, energy level, sleep cycle, mental functioning, as well as feedback loops that can be involved in pain cycles. Because Craniosacral Therapy works in a supportive manner with the nervous system, it has been shown to be efficacious with a wide variety of health issues. 

With knowledgeable, sensitive touch, communication with the nervous system is established. Through subtle palpation skills and the cultivation of deep states of stillness within their own nervous systems, therapists encourage an environment in which the organizing forces of health within you can be supported.


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We are attentive to your wholeness and health rather than pathology.

A key tenet of BCST is that health is a deep and abiding part of each person’s essential nature and is never lost.

The therapist’s focus is on acknowledging and developing a conversation with that ever-present health. We move the focus from states of pain, stress or disease towards the health that is active and available in the present. Clients are offered access to a sensory experience of well-being, regardless of their current condition. When the focus shifts to health, it can move to the forefront. 

The body responds positively because the nervous system is inclined towards health and homeostasis.

We are beautifully designed!

We foster self-regulation of the nervous system


Powerful healing and embodiment can come from slowing down and engaging in a relationship with our nervous systems.

When we develop our capacity to self-regulate, it allows us to be calm, aware and present even in stressful environments and situations.

From a place of attunement with the therapist’s nervous system, down-regulation of the autonomic nervous system can take place.  A new set point can be established for the nervous system, which means that a more relaxed and resourced state is your baseline. When this occurs, physiological function in all systems of the body can see improvement, from digestive and immune function to cardiovascular health and stress related processes.

BCST offers an embodied way to restore and regulate one’s nervous system.

We combine compassionate perception with skillful touch


Safe, sustained touch is central to all aspects of our lives – cognitive, emotional, developmental and behavioral, from our first hours of life until our final. We are social beings and healing is facilitated in relationship.

We respect the powerful importance of touch, it's effects on our health being far-reaching.

Studies repeatedly show that touch can strengthen our immune system and keep us healthier and happier. It is a primary component in the release of a host of neuropeptides and hormones (including Oxytocin, the bonding, or “love”, hormone) that are linked to positive and uplifting emotions that support our health and well-being.

holding hands, caring touch

Caring Touch


• Reduces cortisol levels
• Calms cardiovascular stress
• Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
• Activates the Vagus nerve, which regulates the heart and digestion
• Stimulates the Hippocampus, involved in memory.
• Strengthens the immune system
• Increases learning engagement
• Signals safety and trust
• Enhances bonding
• Supports regulation of the Central Nervous System

This sustained contact takes place in a supportive, neutral environment of tenderness and kindness.


We believe in a client centered approach


As we go about our days, we respond to a host of responsibilities and requests.

We can develop a default which is set to over-ride our true needs and wants. Sometimes this tendency stems from early years when choice and agency were not an option.

During treatment, we believe it is vitally important to encourage that agency, putting your needs and interests first. We respect the intelligence and innate resources of your system to lead the direction of the treatment. We meet you where you are, allowing your system to guide the process of healing to unfold at a pace and in a nature that honors what is best for you. This allows for a process to emerge from the inside, rather than the treatment being directed from the outside through protocol or external ideas about what should be happening. Your involvement comes from a place of deep rest rather than overt action.

This collaborative model can create a sense of safety and empowerment for people that can be absent in other approaches and that promotes trust in your clinician and in the process.