In the course of our lives, the accidents, physical injury, emotional and psychological distress and traumatic events that we naturally encounter, can overwhelm our inherent resources.

Our systems adapt to compensate in ways that can compromise our optimal functioning. Our physiology and energy can become patterned and conditioned according to how we are able to deal with these stresses and traumas.

When events or experiences in life don’t have a chance to fully process through the nervous system, the impact can be held within the tissues. This altered function can remain present throughout our life, long after disruptive influence has passed. It can underlie and govern patterns of disease and fragmentation of both body and mind, limiting health, vitality and clarity.

The intention of Biodynamic Craniosacral clinical work is to establish an awareness of the compromised function while simultaneously holding a recognition of the intrinsic health, addressing impediments to its full expression. We hold the conditioned pathology in the context of the deeper health. This facilitation of the body’s expression of health enhances self-healing and self-regulation capabilities. When we are able to be in resonance with something deeper than our own pain and suffering, healing can arise from within.

I feel a profound appreciation for BCST’s unique capacity to support people who are experiencing the wide array of symptoms that can accompany trauma. The body’s response to these challenges, great and small, can lead to autonomic dysregulation that is associated with common disorders. Whether it is from deeply-rooted experiences of the past, resulting in chronic auto-immune disorders or PTSD, or acute trauma from more recent emotional upset, physical accident or injury, BCST can help clients re-establish a connection to the resourcing functions of the parasympathetic nervous system and their own original forces of health. It can prove an invaluable tool in recovering from many conditions, and can be part of a treatment plan for autoimmune and stress related illnesses, headaches, neck pain, temporal mandibular joint syndrome, and other conditions caused by physical and emotional distress.