At the physiological level, BCST engages in a relationship with the Nervous System.

The nervous system directs or impacts all aspects of our physiology. It orchestrates activity between our digestive, reproductive, musculoskeletal, respiratory and endocrine systems. These systems regulate our hormonal function, emotional state, energy level, sleep cycle, appetite, mental functioning as well as feedback loops that can be involved in pain cycles. Because craniosacral therapy works in a supportive manner with the nervous system, it has been shown to be efficacious in a wide variety of health circumstances.

Through skillful, gentle touch, communication with the nervous system is established. With subtle palpation skills and the cultivation of deep states of stillness within their own nervous systems, therapists can foster an environment in which the organizing forces of health within a client can be expressed and supported. From this place of attunement, down-regulation of the autonomic nervous system can take place. A new set point can be established for the nervous
system, which means that a more relaxed and resourced state is your baseline. When this occurs, physiological function in all systems of the body can see improvement.

The practice of BCST involves a deep listening to the rhythm, motion and intentions of the nervous system. BCST combines compassionate perception with skillful touch.

When a person’s conditions and suffering are witnessed with empathy, loving-kindness, respect and non-judgement, at the deepest level of one’s being their intrinsic health can flourish.

We are able to experience the inherent gladness within our body.

I am continually moved by the potential and the results I see when starting from a point of acknowledging and working in cooperation with the health that is present. We offer an alternative to orienting first to disease and discomfort, seeking that out and approaching treatment through protocol. BCST follows the client’s system and its natural capacity for healing and self-regulation. This participatory model can create a sense of safety and empowerment for people that is absent in other approaches. People are offered access to a sensory experience of well-being, no matter what their state of health.

BCST offers an embodied way to restore and regulate one’s nervous system. Well-being is available right now, underneath the conditions of our life.